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Your skin is just like your daily life: 100% active! But maybe it’s showing some signs of aging: a more tired, or stern look, and fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin is less radiant these days and is starting to become less firm. You just want to give it a helping hand to shine again — something natural and light, so that your skin is as full of energy as you are.

Your mantra

Natural beauty is about staying fresh. Who doesn't want to keep tight skin, despite a busy work and home life, and a few late nights?

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Your collagen level

The collagen and elastin fibers become thinner and looser as you age. Your skin becomes less elastic, which can cause the start of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin can also slowly become more fragile.

Your wish

You especially want to maintain and improve internal collagen production to counteract the first signs of aging. You don’t want to wait too long before taking action. This way, you hope to enjoy radiant skin for a long time to come.

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Your skin’s needs

  • Stimulated collagen and elastin
  • Deep hydration, reduction of wrinkles
  • Improved or maintained tone and glow.
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Skin tip for your profile

You’re aware of the current quality of your skin. Also, the fact that it is now starting to decline. You know most of the tips and advice, but do you follow them? Take a close look at your lifestyle - there may well be positive changes to make.

You can also request a consultation at an aesthetic clinic in your area for guidance. Above all, take good care of yourself and your skin! If you do decide to make an appointment for an aesthetic treatment, please take this profile with you to the consultation.

This information is only an indication. 
It in no way replaces a consultation with an aesthetic professional. Pass on your collagen skin profile to an aesthetic professional for an individual analysis in the practice or clinic for a personal treatment plan.

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Discover the power of regeneration

Proactive ways to boost your collagen include a healthy lifestyle, supplements, and collagen-stimulating treatments. Thinking about consulting an aesthetic physician? You’ll be able to discuss your specific skin goals and expectations and put together a treatment plan.

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5 Questions to ask during your consultation

Have you made an appointment to discuss a treatment? With these questions, you’re well prepared to have a conversation with an aesthetic physician.

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Which treatments best suit my needs and goals?

What results can i expect?

When will i see results and how long will they last?

What should I consider before my treatment?

What should I do after my treatment?

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